Everki Ekb420 Titan Laptop Trolley, Fits 15-Inch To 18.4-Inch

  • Part: 1359777
  • Model: EKB420


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A Trolley Large Enough to Carry an 18.4-inch Laptop! If you're looking for a rolling solution for an 18.4-inch laptop, you've found it in the Titan Laptop Trolley. Because a large laptop may be difficult to travel with - Everk designed the Titan Trolley to fit the most beefy laptop, with the ease and agility of a trolley, and is sleek enough to carry on board. With places to put all your peripherals, and Eve signature orange interior, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly - even in a dimly lit cabin. Plus, with the Titan Trolley, the bag will pass through security quickly and easily with its removable laptop sleeve.